This Is Not A New Year New Me Post

I am one of those weird people who don't really believe in new beginnings on New Years. I believe in everyday new beginnings. This holiday has been a very difficult one, but a big step in growing up. I spent the holidays alone, thousands of miles away from my family. Did it give me time to think, and reflect, and write? Nope!

I have watched more movies, read more books and learned more about the Kardashians than ever before.But it did give me time to think about my yearly bucket list, which I almost completed this year (two things that never happened were hiking and going to Lebanon to trace my Dad's roots).

This year, there are so many things that you will see from my blog, here are a few that I can share now.

1. I will open up a different side of me, again. The health side, and share how I am getting back in shape after having to re-evaluate my health journey (post coming soon).

2. You will also see more style posts (hopefully weekly), Where I will show more of my style and my beauty routines from the inside out.

3. There won't be much of me being in my feelings, because the truth is that, sharing a lot this year has helped me heal. What you will see if the more of the positive things happening in my life, and how I do things to keep myself happy, positive and confident.

Thank You to everyone who reads my blog, shares their stories, and follows me on my social sites.

You have all helped me more than you may ever know!



PS- Take a look at my favorite New Years looks below.

Photography : David Shepherd 

Makeup : Glamsavanartistry 

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