The Walk Factor - A ramble about wearing shorts in the winter, hair and fur.

I can pretty much wear everything, and feel fabulous in it. HOWEVER.... the day you see me in shorts, is the day you know that something is really going on in my life. For years I have avoided wearing shorts because of something I call "The Walk Factor". The walk factor is basically what happens to your clothes when you walk. In the case of my love hate relationship with shorts... they tend to ride up and nestle nicely in the crotch area. sigh.

The good news is I think I found a pair of shorts that can actually work with my thighs, and stay in place. These nude shorts are from Dorothy Perkins and come with a matching wrap jacket that I absolutely LOOOOVE! The shorts are loose enough that they look like a skirt from far away, and the fabric is cotton, and not stretch, which gives it structure and allows it to flow nicely as I walk. It took me a while to find this, and never mind that by the time i found them it was Winter in Chicago. That just means that next summer I am coming for you all in these shorts! :-) 

I decided that if I was going to rock these shorts, the shoot that went with it had to be over the top, sexy, sultry and edgy. Basically Hayet like you have never seen her before. I had the pleasure of working with an amazing Chicago photographer Dennis of DDesigns who pushed me creatively to let loose and learn to work the clothes. I won't even lie to you, this was a COLD day. It was Chicago's first snow storm and we were shooting outdoors for a few shorts!! I literally froze my ovaries, but I loved the shots so we all win.

To continue this lovely ramble about nothing... A lot of you have asked about my hair, and how it has grown so quickly. :-) :-) While I do have a very full mane, I opted to have my hair stylist, Chris, put in clip ins for my last few shoots. These are versatile enough that I can whip my hair back and forth and they stay in place, and also easy enough that I can pull them out before bed if I want to. I was so scared of clip ins, but Chris made me feel so much better about them. They are less damaging to your hair so give them a try :-)

Overall I can say that this is one of the inner-sexiest shoots I have ever done, and I am so glad I pushed myself to take on the challenge of wearing these shorts. If I ever find shorts I love as much as this again, trust me I will share with you. Until then, take a look at some more shots and shop some the styles below. It is winter so this whole look is almost 80% off.


That Hayet Rida

Ps- I sized up two sizes in these shorts and had them tailored so that the fit was perfect for me!

Hair - Chris Harris

Makeup - Angela Grizzard

Photography - DDesigns


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