That Cheeky White Dress

Let's take a second and talk about insecurities. We all have them, and we all avoid them. Luckily for me, I only really have two (that I know of for now). One of them is the fear of wearing white and the second is my cheeks.

White Dresses - When you are a bigger girl, It has been an unspoken rule to never wear white. I was told once that white makes you look bigger, and black makes you look smaller. For that reason I have fully avoided wearing all white. (Also because I hate doing laundry and white is a dead giveaway). 

Cheeky Time - The cheek God's made a home in my DNA - my mothers side has extremely high cheek bones (Janet Jackson style) and my dad's side has big Winnie the Pooh style cheeks. By nature of being the youngest child, I received all the genes that my siblings didn't soak up. You will see that in many of my photos, I never show my face (unless it is a skillfully executed selfie, of which I know how to work a camera to my benefit).

This shoot was about fully embracing my insecurities. Showing my cheeks from every angle and even smiling in one or two cases while rocking all white and owning it. Ofcourse it would not be me if I didn't find some bold sassy JCrew shoes to distract you with!  

Now that you know how I feel about my cheeks, I would like to take this opportunity to ask that you  do not pull or pinch them when you see me :-) . xoxo


The beauty of insecurities is that when you embrace them, they lose the power to make you feel insecure.

Outfit Details

White Shirt Dress - The Loft | Shoes - Jcrew Stella Printed Pumps (Similar here) | Bangle and Ring -  (similar here and here )| Nail Polish - Essie Lux Effects