On Wednesday We Wear All Black

Almost two years ago, I packed my bags, my shoes and my Kale to begin a new life in warm and sunny Chicago. If anyone has ever moved to a new city or country alone, you know how hard it is to make friends, especially in -20 F weather. But I was blessed to meet one of the coolest people, and someone I am proud to call a best friend, Miss Alicia Caillier. Over the last two years she has been my Chicago compass, from saturday morning struggles on FaceTime, laying on the rooftop at Soho House with wayyyy too many bottles of Rosé, or having cry sessions in secret rooms then telling each other to snap the hell out of it!!!

It is always beautiful to see who God puts in our lives. Sometimes he puts people who are meant to teach you only good things, or people who are meant to be bad influences. But rarely he puts in someone who is just meant to join you on life's roller coaster as you both figure it all out and laugh if you fail. Many people don't know but she was the first person who I told about wanting to start a blog. I randomly woke up about 6 months ago and sent her a text that said "I think I want to be a plus size blogger". And on her last day of work before leaving me to move to Spain...she politely yelled at me to launch the blog already. So here Alicia...you get a WHOLE post :-)

( okay time to get out of my feelings).

Thats her... in all black GLORY! #YAAAS

Thats her... in all black GLORY! #YAAAS

My outfit inspiration had Alicia's name written on it. For as long as I have known her, she has only worn black. In her words "I will keep wearing black until they create a darker color". :-) We had a tradition to wear all black on Wednesdays ( which I believe is a movie reference, but I'm foreign so I don't know which). So since it's wednesday I went black on black on black. Okay I lie, my shoes were brown. But brown is just black with bronzer on :-) 

Take a look below, and check out Alicia's blog Call Her Olive.

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Photography by - Liz Marie Oliveras