A Lesson On Size Paranoia

Before we get into the details of this absolutely GORGEOUS dress, I want to talk a bit about our cultural paranoia with size. As a plus size woman, lets just be honest, we do not go around discussing our actual weight with just anybody. But one thing we tend to use to make us feel better about ourselves is what size we wear. I am allowed to call people out on this because I have done it, and guess what, I probably will do it at least two more times this year. But the truth is that, we cannot be judged by what size we wear. Just think about it for a second, how can everyone in the world be put into size buckets? Have you ever met an African woman's body? Exactlyl!

When I first saw this dress, I tried on a size 12 in the Jcrew store and it would not even Zip past my waist. I almost had a melt down in the dressing room, because I thought I had gained a ton of weight. I kindly asked for the only 14 in store, and this time the zip made it just to my belly button. I almost did not buy this dress because I did not want to admit that I was going to wear a dress in size 16, but when you tell me a Jcrew dress is $40, I will snap out of my feelings. :-)

That being said, I have had to slowly learn that when shopping It really is not about what size you wear, but how the fit makes you feel. We need to stop measuring our beauty and body confidence by what size we wear. Size is not a bragging right, and it should never be. The truth is, if you were to walk into my closet and take a peek at all the tags, you will notice that I own clothing in Size 8, 10, 12, 14, 16 and 18. No, I am not gathering goods to start up my own boutique. That is just to show you that your body changes, fabrics are different, styles are different, and most importantly YOU are different! 

Now cheers to this fabulous size 16 dress which almost fully zipped, but my "girls" wanted to be part of the show!

Ps - If you have ever had size paranoia, share your story so I know I am not the only one!! 

As always, my fabulous Nelly Mensah made me look pretty and flirty in this amazing illustration. Take a look at her work here

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Style Notes:

Dress - If you have a bigger chest, size up or risk Pamela Anderson kind of cleavage.

Shoes - I am wearing an 11 in these sandals. I fit into a 10, but did not like my heel too close to the edge.

Lipstick - This Lipstick is long lasting, as in I probably still have traces of it on!!!

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