The Dress That Got Me In My Feelings.

I actually do not have much to say about this outfit, except the fact that it is ridiculously cheap, fun flirty and you can pretend to be Marilyn Monroe. So instead, lets talk about the process of photographing for this look. 

Here is the thing, no one tells you that blogging is hard. Not hard because of all the work, but hard emotionally...especially when you are already drowning in insecurities. Yesterday I had the pleasure of having one of my really close friends Liz Marie shoot a couple of looks for me. As we prepared to begin I didn't give her the usual set list of the shots I wanted, but I listed things she needed to be on the lookout for. These included - double chin, cellulite, bulging belly, high cheeks, round cheeks, divided cheeks (I have this weird line in the middle of my cheeks when I smile), big arms, hair making my head look big, crooked smile, side boob, bulging boob, flabby thighs, hanging belly, stretch marks, shiny cheeks...did I mention big cheeks??? Exactly.

I realized that by the time she would look out for all these things, she might as well shoot photos of the sky and have readers imagine what I was wearing. And I cannot say I got over it by the end of the shoot, because it really is hard to see yourself through someone else's lens. Taking a selfie is easy, taking a mirror shot is easy, heck looking in the mirror is easy (especially when you stick your hip to the side, pull your arm towards the back and suck your stomach in). So until I figure this photographing myself thing out, please enjoy the photos that did make the cut, and go buy yourself the dress. You deserve it after this rant I just bestowed upon you.

Shop That Look

Dress - Jcrew Faded Adire Henley Dress

Jacket - Banana Republic Boyfriend Blazer | Cheaper Alternative Here and Here

Shoes  - Coach (Sold Out) Fun alternative Here (50% off)  and Here

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