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Frenchie Little Poodles.

Hayet Rida3 Comments

I spend most of my time talking to some of my amazing readers about some of the style challenges they have while dressing up. Something that is so interesting to me is that, they always approach me with a list of things that they have been told do not work for curvier women. One of them that has always puzzled me is the use of print on print.

I did some research into the reasons why curvy women are not supposed to wear print, and apparently , it Is said to make us look like a Christmas tree. Oh.

Now, I could have written this post to condemn that observation, but I would rather demonstrate how amazing you can look when you work print on print the right way…and then I decided to shoot it in front of a print wall just to drive the message home.

I first saw this skirt on fellow blogger LuluLinden, but it was sold out in the USA. What I loved the most about it was that the scuba print was so flattering, and the poodles are such a great print together without being overwhelming, I have worn the two together several times and absolutely loved it.

For this look I chose to add a pop of pink (again reminding me of Lulu). These Asos sandals are to die for! They are less than $50 and the quality is impeccable!

Have a look, and shop some print on print looks below.




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