I Put My Freakum Dress On

Every time you hear the word “freakum dress” what comes to mind?

Short? Tight? Deep plunge v neckline? Curve hugging? Yes we all have one of those at the back of our closet, ready to be pulled out when…. J

But I was recently having a debate with one of my friends about what makes something a freakum dress. She did have a good point that this said dress needs to have an edge over all the other things in your closet. This said dress has to have the wow factor, the drop your jaw factor and most of all the sexy factor.

Now while I agree, I took a look in my closet, trying to find the best freakum dress for God knows what occasion. #singlegirlproblems But what happened was I started to realize that while the dress may have looked banging on the outside,  it showed more of my body and less of me. Partially because the best of me was trying desperately to hold in my tummy, whiles having a flirtatious conversation.

So I decided to challenge the notion of the stereotypical freakum dress. Now I will tell you that my favorite color when I want cause some damage has and will always be red. For me, there is something that red does to my skin tone, and makes me feel so much sexier. But when I chose the red dress, you will notice that it was long, and not tight. You saw very little of my curves, but just a little hint of subtle sexy leg showing…just enough to give it an edge over all my other daily outfits.

I chose this red maxi from RebDolls Grisel collection, not only because of the color, but the comfort level. Literally this dress is so comfy that if I were to go on a date, I wouldn’t be afraid to eat all four courses, and get on the dance floor and pretend like I am Beyonce.

With valentine’s day just a month away, I challenge you to start gathering YOUR ideas of a freakum dress. I am not saying wear maxi dresses that cover up all your goods…but what I am saying is find the dress that makes YOU feel your sexiest, not one that society has told us has the power to be the freakum dress.




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