Travel Chic | Daytime Pijamas

Valentine’s day is coming, and maybe your special someone will surprise with a trip to New Orleans, or maybe to Jamaica. And just incase that happens, I need you to have your travel chic outfit ready to go. Now, if you don’t have someone to surprise you with that trip, well maybe you will take yourself on a romantic trip and then meet your future beau in line at TSA when you both accidentally switch laptops and have to chase each other down the terminal…and then fall in love.

Okay, well if that doesn’t happen, maybe you need a comfy travel outfit to walk around in freezing temperatures J I have had a lot of you ask me about comfier jumpsuits that can be dressed up or down, and I am happy to share with you this amazing piece by Stacked Apparel. What I love about this jumpsuit is that it literally feels like pijamas, but it has a little sass in the split knee. You can dress this down with flat shoes, or dress it up with red heels.

The shoes I am wearing are from my favorite brand Eloquii. I first spotted them on fellow blogger Miss Lion Hunter, and I literally got out of bed at 10pm to go and grab my wallet. (They currently retail for around $37 so go grab them). If you are scared of height, don’t worry they are super comfy because of the platform in them.

Lastly, this travel bag makes me so so happy. I am always big on incorporating my culture into the pieces I wear, especially when it is a unique and vibrant print. A close friend of mine, Chika, first spotted this bag on Instagram and sent me a photo of it. I immediately reached out to the super talented designer Geroge Amuah who was gracious enough to allow me to get the EXACT same one. Even though this is a mens bag, I love how it adds structure and a hint of vibrant masculinity to my look.

You can literally stop traffic with this bag, or maybe grab the attention of your future valentine.

Shop the looks below and get ready for your surprise travel plans.



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