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Hello :-)

Today is a good day!!!

I spent the last few days in the amazing city of San Francisco and there was just a vibe here that put me in a good mood. This morning I woke up and I was in one of the best moods I have been in a while. The truth is nothing particular happened to make me so happy. And sometimes you can just wake up and feel so happy and blessed and grateful for your exact imperfect situation.

Many of us live lives that are dependent on the future for us to be happy. I push you to practice the act of being happy in the moment regardless of which boy is breaking your heart, which online shop is stealing all your money, and which devil is trying to bring you down. If all else fails, listen to Rihanna’s new song “Work” and just let her steal your waistline.

Speaking of happy things, I must say I haven’t put on my signature bold colors in a while! Sorry!!! I fell in love with this amazing print from design house ChenBurkett NY. This skirt was twirl worthy and had me feeling like a princess as I pranced through the mystery secret gardens. To add some casual structure, I paired it with this butter soft denim jacket from JunaRose!!! I will also like to apologize because the bag pictured from Fashion To Figure will be making its way into almost every post from now on! I love love love love this piece!!!!!!

Honestly, I don’t know how anyone got me to take this outfit off!!!

Have an amazing Wednesday and stay overhappy!




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