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Second Chances

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There must be something in the water, because some of the brands that I gave up on are coming out of the wood works and shocking me with amazing and flattering pieces. One of those brands is Charlotte Russe. 

During black friday, I took a look at their sales in their plus size line and fell in love with this jumpsuit (because I will literally wear any jumpsuit ever made). When I got it, I had to glance at the price tag a few times because I couldn't believe that this was only $20!!! The best part about it was that it had the potential to transition between day and night, from the club to the client meeting. #dontjudge

To help transition this piece I threw on a jacket from Old Navy. Now I know that when every blogger saw this piece they almost peed on themselves. First and foremost, the last thing I bought from old navy was a tank top, years ago! They have revamped their plus and regular sections while delivering on trendy pieces. The best part is that this jacket was only $40 and is actually cheaper right now. (Don't worry I put a link at the end of the page).

Take a look at some more amazing pieces from Charlotte Russe and Old Navy. I have linked all images to the site, so all you need to do is click on the images below.

Happy Shopping!!!






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