Five ways to style Nordstrom Encore

This holiday season, I am all about looking great, but I am all for looking great at a great price. This is where things get tricky.I always find that when I buy my nice dresses, I put them in my shopping cart knowing darn well that I may only get one or two wears out of them.

This time as I searched for my perfect winter dress, I spent some time browsing through the selection from the Nordstrom Encore plus size dresses. When I found this striped dress, I knew I had to stretch every dollar out of it. So I styled it five ways to prove that you can always get more than one wear from it.

The Casual - 

I threw on a graphic tee to turn the dress into a skirt. The trick  here is to tie the top at the back so that it cinches at the waist. In order to hide the knot, I draped an orange jacket over the shoulder to add a perfect pop, and added some super casual white sneakers to tie it all together.

This look may come in handy if you are at christmas dinner and your mother in law sends you out to the grocery store.

2. Parisian Pop

This outfit is why you should never invite me over for christmas. I will show up and out do your own tree. I wanted to go a little xmas cliche on this look and pair the stripes with a double pop of red. And because I am that extra, I threw a bow in there to jazz it up.

3. The Church Casual

This look is for when you show up to the Christmas party and forget to bring a change of outfit for the evening church service, or maybe not. I wanted to experiment with the dress as a skirt again, but with a more dainty look. I threw on a black sweater with button details, and added a cute little bow belt to bring it all together. Also- is it me or are there way too many bows in my closet? 

4 - The Christmas Angel

Okay I know I said no more this whole look not the cutest? I wanted to keep this look a bit more minimalist, so i switched out the jacket and put the bow right back where it belonged. To give it the extra oomph, I added some metallic pink slippers. This look is perfect for those who are not too fond of heels.

Thank you to Nordstrom for collaborating with me on this post. All opinions are my own.

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