Bangtel Staycation

I live in Chicago. Chicago is cold. Cold means I want to stay indoors. Staying indoors means I will online shop. Online shop means I will buy clothes to wear nowhere.

This year, one of my biggest resolutions was to explore the amazing city that I am proud to call home. But if you know anything about a Chicago winter experience, you know that you are more likely to explore Chicago by looking at Google images than venturing outside. So, I decided to cross one thing off my bucket list and go on a staycation.

Now if you have never taken one, you really should. It is a beautiful escape from your everyday routine, and has the same psychological effect as taking a vacation. And that my friends is how I found Bangtel.

A couple weeks ago I had the amazing experience of taking my team to one of the most amazing penthouses that I have ever seen to shoot my indoor chic looks for the winter. We shot at one of Bangtel’s premium locations “Mr. Clark’s Penthouse”.  If you are an art/minimalist/chic enthusiast like myself you will literally die for the details in this place. I loved the clean white spaces, sprinkled with just enough sass to have you shaking your head with a smile.  The good news is that I don’t have to tell you everything in one post, but oh just you wait till I show you the bedroom. Over the next week I will take you through the entire penthouse as I explore the rooms and the stories that live within them.

I would also want to say a big big big thank you to the entire Bangtel team! Liz, Sydney and Chris who were the most hospitable crew in the world.

Check out more photos of the amazing property HERE, and get your butt of your own couch and onto a Bangtel couch this winter!




My flowy white dress is from Chicago Boutique Curve Culture. (Check them out HERE ) 


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