Music for Your Dancing Soul

My favorite quote says

“Life isn’t about waiting for the storm to pass…Its learning to dance in the rain”

Not everyday is a great day, and not every week is a great week. Sometimes I am at my best, and some days I feel at my absolute lowest. But regardless of how it all works out, I have a Sunday night routine that I always fall back on.

Every Sunday night I pick my favorite music, put on a t-shirt and underwear, pull up my blinds and literally dance for almost an hour straight.  I picked up this habit after watching Grey’s Anatomy where Cali was going through a rough period and just learned to dance away her stress.

A few weeks ago, I got to dance with my clothes on in the amazingly spacious living room at the Bangtel penthouse. I put on a look that was both comfy and sexy from Juna Rose, and put on some trap music. 

What I loved about this look was that while it looks like a jumpsuit, It actually is a top and pants set. The color complimented my new blonde hair, and I added a leopard print belt to bring a hint of my mother’s style into it.

About the shoes… part of me doesn’t want anyone to know where they are from, but that kind of defeats my purpose in your life. Okay fine…they are from Jcrew….but don’t tell anyone!!!

So every time you feel low or down, get up, get dressed and dance away.




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