Spring Prints - Featuring Beth Ditto

Spring is kinda almost sorta here, and I am switching over to more fun and flirty looks.(not that I dressed for the winter anyway). Today’s spring dress comes from a woman who I literally crush on all the time, Beth Ditto.

When I heard she had a collection coming out that was high couture for curvier women I couldn’t be more excited.

This GORGEOUS print is the perfect spring style that has rich pastels perfectly complementing each other. It comes in a jumpsuit as well as a bubble dress, but I chose the bubble dress because I wanted to step away for my usual jumpsuit just for like five minutes.

The dress has the perfect bubble shape, but tapers in at the waist to give my gorgeous curves the slight hint of attention they deserve. In addition, the elastic around the knee holds it in place and makes sure the Chicago wind doesn't blow it away. Absolutely love this dress and can't wait to style it as both a top, and a skirt.

See more shots below, and get the dress 25% today only!!!



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