Suited Up for a Night or Curves

Suited Up for a Night or Curves

There is something so amazing about the way culture is changing. More and more, everyday, I see women that look more like you and I on the billboards, in music videos, and on the runways.  But for the longest time it felt that the media was just trying to play nice and keep the voices of the curves just quiet enough on empty promises of slow change.

Last night was one of the nights that I cannot begin to imagine forgetting. I had the pleasure of sitting front row of the runway at the Curve Culture annual runway event. Before the show began, I remember looking around the room in awe at the beauty of confidence. I will admit, I had never been in a room filled with such body positivity and just a sheer amount of LOVE for the skin that we lived in.

When the show began, the models strutted out to Beyonce’s formation in what was a perfectly choreographed ode to the power of women who come together unapologetically in love with the bodies that were hand created for no one but themselves. This may have been the opening act, but the message had a deeper meaning.

Each woman had a different kind of body. No it wasn’t just the average flat tummied, subtle curved hips that the media is trying to label as the flagship image of the body positive movement. These were real women, there were hips, there were thighs and there were tummies that were all perfectly wrapped in confidence so strong that you just wanted to yell out YAAAAAAAAS. 

The show was filled with amazing looks fromvarious fashion designers. Looks that were carefully designed as a invitation of inclusion. For way too long, full figured women, myself included, have shied away from exploring the full range of fashion. But lastnight, there was a full range of looks from date night, to wedding night. From beach vibes down to bold brunch favorites.  


I wore an amazing two piece suit from Asos Curve’s new Luxe line. I have always dreamed of wearing suit, but unfortunately I have never found one that didn’t make me feel like a high school librarian. I loved that this suit had a high neck collar that gave it a touch of chic. 

The key to nailing a suit for a more high fashion event, is to allow the cut of the suit to exist in its simplicity, but to elevate the sexy with one key piece.  I wore a Lane Bryant lingerie piece insisde to give the outfit an edge, and paired it with simple black strappy heels and a bold leopard print bag.

As always, you can shop the look below, and don’t forget to check out Culture of Curve’s online boutique HERE.


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