Unlimited Shade - Featuring Ditto

Unlimited Shade - Featuring Ditto

Summer is coming and it is time to bust out the sunglasses. Now if you know me, you will know how indecisive I am. I have had the same Burberry aviators for the last four years (which I SAVED all my coins for). I made the decision to change up my shade style for the summer season, but couldn’t decide which piece to invest in.

Naturally I wanted Prada or Tom Ford glasses, but with an average $400 ticket I decided Burberry was going to have to reign for at least another three years!

The GOOD news is that I discovered a new site called Ditto. The way they work is simple, you pay $24 a month for an endless supply of designer glasses (both prescription and sunnies). I never recommend anything without trying it out at least once. So naturally my first pair were these Prada babies that I had been watching for months. Imagine that…Prada glasses for $24!!! The best part is that I can swap them out whenever I want.


I can’t wait to share what my next pair will be. And because I love you all so much, Ditto and I are  giving you guys all a one month FREE trial using code HAYETRIDA (signup HERE)

You get a pair, you get a pair…and YOU get a pair.

Go crazy!


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