Dear Tummy

Dear Tummy,

You've been with me longer than any of the people who taught me to judge you. You have been the center of my soul, the source of my anxiety and the cause of my emotional pain. You have been with me while I have begged people not to judge me, just long enough to stare in the mirror and judge you. 

My dearest tummy, you have been the focus of everyone's comments, and the biggest thing I have tried to change. I have hidden you behind sweaters, bags, and oversized jackets. You have been held by the same people that have broken me, you have been poked by the people who claimed they wanted nothing but the best for me.

But summer is here, and I am going to stop judging you. You aren't perfect, and you aren't exactly where I want you to be. BUT I will celebrate you now, for exactly who you are.


The person that is falling in love with you.  


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