Summer Metallics, and the science of color

So...i found this amazing metallic skirt from Society+, but I was afraid to wear it. Why? Because in the super hot summer of Chicago, I have a very high chance of looking like a daylight disco ball, and the highest potential of blinding passers by. 

But then again, I am stubborn and I like to do whatever I want. So I decided to use a little of my knowledge from my bachelors degree in studio art. (I included that part just so you would take me seriously). 

When I was in college, we learned about the power of putting specific colors together to reduce the intensity of another color. Basically imagine if you were in a room full of very beautiful women...and Beyonce walks in. What happens is that they maintain their beauty, but Beyonce is there so they can't act brand new. That is exactly what white does for gold and silver.There is science on how it affects the little molecule things in your eye, especially since the white reflects all the light away. But lets be honest, you didn't come here to learn about science.

The moral of the story is that I did it, and it worked!

That my friend is how you wear silver and gold in the summer light. At the end of the day, there is lots of room for us ALLL to shine. 

Happy Friday!




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