Hello Summer Body!!!!!

Every year, right at the start of the summer, many women spend countless hours in front of mirrors reviewing the bodies that were safely hidden during the winter. Without even realizing, we start to review our bodies against the virtual images that swim across Instagram of women who are gorgeous, and fit, but look nothing like our norm. 

This summer I refused to do that to myself once again. I decided to close my mind to the conversations about what makes a great body, unfortunately conversations that are mostly spearheaded my the opposite sex. I decided not to wait for the unwelcome gratification about my boobs, my butt or my tummy. 

I didn't just do this for myself, but for all of you who are waiting patiently for the right time to step out with the body you have now. You can look at the images and see that I have a voluptuous tummy. thick thighs, stretch marks and even the occasional cellulite here and there. BUT this is my body, and summer is going to have to deal with it!

So what are you waiting for? Show off that summer body!!!


Proudly, overconfident Hayet