A Head Full of Dreams - Featuring GS Loves Me

This past weekend I had the pleasure of seeing Coldplay courtesy. I had not seen them since I was in college and there was no doubt that I would work my hardest to be able to be there. What many of you do not know is that when I was getting ready to start my journey to the USA, I was faced with a big big challenge....writing a college essay. See, when I was younger, I kept telling myself that I was not a good writer. But weirdly enough, I wrote my best listening to Coldplay. I learned a lot about placing words together to generate more meaning, and learnt the true power of bleeding emotion into my work.

At that point in my life, I had all these dreams of what my new life would be like in America. It was not about leaving home, but more about setting on a journey to fulfill my dreams. It is funny that in life they tell you to have one dream and work hard towards it. But the thing is, I had a head full of dreams, and I still unapologetically do. 

What I wasn't ready for was the journey it would take to live through every one of those dreams. What is so so crazy was that on saturday as I sat in the back of my ride chatting to my driver Jonathan, I realized that this journey to the concert was parallel to all our lives. It began with so much excitement, I was jamming away to Coldplay as we breezed through the Chicago streets, no trouble in sight. 

Then there was the moment when it began to drizzle, the traffic began to build up, and then the storm unleashed its wrath on us. There were so many points where I could see our destination, but the storm had us moving at 0 miles an hour. Then there was the point where Mr. Jonathan and I came to the decision that it would be smarter to get down and walk to be able to get there faster. (The power of collective compromise). And before I hopped out, he said the best words to me... "The storm can only alter your journey so much, keep going, you will get there"

At that point I was so focused on not getting wet that I didn't let it settle in.At the end of the journey I made it to the concert, took my seat and jammed the hardest to Coldplay...taking only a moment to reflect on the journey that I had so quickly forgotten.

If you followed along on my snapchat, you will know what happened next. As soon as I began to get comfortable, the storms unleashed a storm of biblical proportions onto us. My fantasy concert that I had worked so hard for came to an end, and I was faced with a one hour walk in the middle of lightening and flooding. And to think that two hours before my only hope was to not wet my hair. ha!

Intertwined in this story about an adventure of a lifetime, is a lesson, a simple lesson. The power of having more than one dream is a safety net that prevents you from giving up. Having only one dream is a path to failure. Because what happens when you reach the destination and it all goes wrong? Will you feel like your world came crashing down? Or will you build on the lessons of the present disaster as a shield for the journey ahead?

When I turned in my college essay in 2006, I had my head set to a life at McCallister college, and that was the only dream I was capable of imagining. But the advice of my sister taught me to dream with caution. She said, do not just have that one dream of this single college. Know that wherever you end up, you have the power to use that situation to keep going forward and achieve whatever you put your mind to. I am proud to say, I stand on the foundation of failed dreams, with many more to come, but with the mindset of a warrior.




I chose this look from Gs Loves Me for the concert because of the complexity of its color and art. It features a print made up of leaves that are not just multi-colored, but with colors that represent the different life seasons that a leaf goes through. A visual that was befitting for the message.This dress is currently sold-out, but I have included some beautiful options for you to shop below. 


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