The Only White Tee You Should Own - Featuring HeyGorgeous

The Only White Tee You Should Own - Featuring HeyGorgeous

Hands up if you own over ten million white tees! Hands up if you tend to loose them like socks! AND hands up if they do the little snake, electric slide thingy around the neck after you wash them? Okay...glad I am not the only one.

The good news is that I have finally found a white tee that I swear by! You know it is that serious when I write a whole blogpost about a white tshirt!!!! HeyGorgeous just launched a line of SUPER soft essential tees. Those things feel like melting butter, laced with cashmere and pearls (ok Hayet :) ).

I was first introduced to the brand at CurvyCon, and all they had to do was tell me to touch the top and I fell in love. Now before I wrote about it, I wanted to make sure to test it a few times. So I wore it on four occasions, washed it twice...and then shot this look. The tees retail around $60, and if you think that this is too much...then go into your closet and look at how many $15 or $20 tees you bought and how damaged or dull looking they are. Exactly

I am wearing a size 14/16 in the crew neck tee (because I love a high neck look). The essential tees also come in other cuts as well as black, and nude pink. 

I paired my tee with my new fav pair of Old Navy jeans (linked below), and my old faithful Jcrew pumps to add a nice pop. (these shoes are sold-out, but Jcrew is having a MASSIVE sale and all the shoes linked below are between $40 and $100)

Take a look below and make that investment.


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