A Dress With Benefits - Featuring Rent The Runway

A couple weeks back, I had the privilege of being invited to a Sickle Cell benefit Gala here in Chicago. Now, if you know me, I look for any and every opportunity to be pleasantly overdressed. However when the invite said semi-formal, my brain went into deep confusion. In my world, semi-formal means wear a ball gown...and my sisters literally had to talk me down from wearing a floor length Cinderella gown. Alas!

My biggest issue with attending such events, is not knowing what to do with the dress after the event. The good news is that thanks to Rent The Runway, I found this amazing piece with great accessories that I could keep for just the day. What I loved was that this dress by Alison Parris retails for over $500, but I was able to have it for a night for way less than a $100.

I must say I was super impressed with the plus size section of their site...many fabulous dresses from everyday designers to Oscar gown designers are available up to a size 22!!

Take a look at some more shots of the dress, and check out an exclusive deal on your first RTR order at the bottom of the page.




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Thank you to Rent The Runway for providing the look and accessories for the event.