Back to Life....Back to Reality - Featuring Gwynnie Bee

I am Baaaaaack! This past few weeks have been a marathon of fun, challenges and hidden blessings. This past weekend I headed to the DMV and decided to disconnect entirely in order to spend much needed time with my sister and the little ones. 

If you have never done one of those...please try it. I mean let me not lie and say I didn't open my Instagram to check on you all...BUT I wasn't allowed to stay on for more than two minutes. I came back super refreshed and in the best mood ever!!! Want proof? Check out the old school medley I unleashed on my snapchat last night. ayeeeee! (Snapname: Hayet.Rida)

Okay back to the point I was making. One of the most interesting things I did was only pack four pieces of clothing for my trip. This is all part of my "fake minimalism" as my good friend Dan calls it. I have never packed less than twelve items for a weekend trip and It gave me the creepers. How did I do it???? I literally took two Gwynnie Bee rompers, and two dresses, with one pair of sandals and flats (that I wore on the plane).This meant, I had to actually plan what I wanted to wear, as opposed to my usual..."I will take everything and figure it all out".

Maybe this minimalism stuff isn't so fake, maybe I am actually doing it. Oh, and the best part about having my Gwynnie Bee subscription is that I can plan for trips like these and take only what I need without clogging my closet, because once I am back...I send the clothes back. Did you try your one month free yet?

If not, click here.

Life is good. Stay blessed, lay down your edges, and don't forget to dance every now and then!!



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