Hump Day LOTD

Do you ever just wake up some days and decide that you are going to be happy? Do you just wake up some days and just say to yourself "I am living my dream?". That was literally me today, and hopefully will be me for the forseable future. 

Today's look of the day is one of my boldest looks. Not bold because of the color, or the wall...but bold because again, I AM IN SHORTS! Now I didn't just wear these shorts for the shoot, I have worn them to events, to the grocery store and even to the hair salon!

When I first saw this look, I thought it would only be great for the beach, but I threw on some heels and rocked them as a romper look. I might even try it with a white shirt and a blazer. 

Oh, and incase you worry about how to rock these shorts without your thighs rubbing (because thick thigh benefits :) ), you can try a new ant-chaffing gel from Monistat. This gel rubs on your thighs and prevents them from getting irritated. The instructions say to use a small amount...but they probably hadn't seen my thighs when they said that. You may need one or more tubes to get you through the summer!!!

Have an AMAZIng wednesday!!!!




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