Sunday Dreaming

Happy Sunday!

Every sunday morning, I spend my first few waking moments reading weird articles from across the internet. This morning I read a statement that stuck with me. It said "To question someone else's dream, is to reveal your own insecurity." I thought this through for a while, and formed my own counter argument.... I believe that "to reveal your dream to someone else with the hope of approval, reveals your own insecurity."

We often measure our dreams by our perceived capability, and that can be a gift or a curse. See, the thing is I wake up everyday and believe that I am here for a reason and can change the world. Now I do not care if that sounds cliche, or anyone rolls their eyes...because it is my own dream. Some women dream of marriage, dream of expensive bags or dream of the kind of bodies they want. And that is okay. Because the other part of living your dreams is that you have to learn to live your own and not focus on anyone else's.

So my Sunday wisdom is poetically laced to basically say that, you should live your own life, and not worry about how someone else is living theirs.

About the dress

One of my dreams for this year was to take a solo trip somewhere I could disconnect, and that place is Cuba. Unfortunately so many uncontrollable things are happening in my personal life that has forced me to put that on hold for the present moment. BUT...the best part of dreaming is to start to live it...slowly.

Last weekend, Ethan and I were driving around when we spotted this rustic car. We literally pulled over on the side of the road, so I could jump in the backseat and change into this Dez Deme dress. We approached the owner of the car and he graciously allowed us to shoot in front of it.

In my dream world, this amazing crop set would be my first look when I step foot in Cuba. The colors and fabric are so soft, but the style and it's inherent confidence are as bold as ever. The joy of working with Ethan is that he gets me creatively. We saw the car and this outfit and knew that this had Cuba written all over it. I may not be able to go to Cuba for a bit, but I sure as hell lived life like I was right there!!!

So here is to dreaming, and living your dreams!!!

Happy Sunday



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