The Magic that is failure- Featuring Talbots

Happy Monday!!!

I am finally settled back in Chicago, and back to work today. My trip home was emotional but also inspiring. As I flew back home a few days ago, I couldn't help but reflect on the crazy web of failures that I have built my success on. Many of us think that success is all about having the right scenarios and an abundance of resources. But my biggest turning point in life was when I realized that the path to success is built on your ability to react to failure.

My life has been a carefully intertwined journey of many highs and lows, but I live knowing that whatever is thrown my way is just a way of testing my passion, courage and determination. I am no longer afraid of failing, or of opportunities being taken away from me. Everything that is meant for you will find its own way to you.


My gorgeous dress is part of the new Fall collection from Talbots. I have shared some of my fave pieces from night time, to weekend looks. Being that today was monday, I wanted to share a work look. I am a sucker for anything print, because it has so much character. 

I paired this with red shoes and a a red bag to add a nice always!! :) This dress is almost sold-out, so make sure you snag it below!

This post was sponsored by Talbots, all opinions are my own.
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