The EVERYTHING Jumpsuit - featuring Lane Bryant

Many of you probably don't know, but when I was younger, and came to America on summer holidays(before I moved here), the only store that had clothing my size was Lane Bryant. There was a feeling I would always get when I walked in the store, just knowing that everything available was an option that could fit me, and I didn't have to hide in the corner surrounded by apologetic stares from sales people who knew I didn't belong. 

I will even say that in Lane Bryant stores were some of the first places I saw well dressed curvy women. It felt literally like home. I bought everything there, undies, bras, shape wear, clothes and even winter jackets. Needless to say, LB will ALWAYS have a soft spot in my heart. 

What better way to celebrate my love for Lane Bryant, than with my love for Jumpsuits, and wrap dresses and culottes. But the fun part is, all the things I love are now perfectly woven into one piece! Yes, this is a culotte jumpsuit that has a wrap top, HEAVEN!!

STYLE NOTES: I am wearing a 14/16 as it runs true to size. I will say that it may not be advisable to wear shape wear under this, as when I did, the fabric tended to ride up as I walked. This is natural with big thighs and culottes, but it is more pronounced with shape wear.

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This post is sponsored by Lane Bryant, all opinions are my own.
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