Dramatically Chic

I work in advertising, so I pretty much get to play with fashion every day of the week. One of my favorite things to do is to wear jeans to work. However, I hate the very casual just rolled out of bed look, I have an African mother.... there is no such thing as dressing down. You must ALWAYS come correct...because you never know when you will meet your husband or which aunty you will run into. #Africanparents #auntiestalk #Churchgossip

ANYWAY....the fun part about this look is that the jacket is as dramatic as I am, but the jeans and the white peplum top tone it down a bit...just enough that you can pass it off as casual, and appear to not be purposely outshining everyone around you. 

Welcome to my world, where the only mantra is to never be basic!!!!

Have a look below, and shop these pieces at the end of the page.

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