Let's Start Again

"Grief does not change you, it reveals you"

- C.S Lewis


I was going to make this post all about fashion, and kinda ignore the elephant in the room. But on days like this I remember that this blog is my outlet, and most of you are here because I am open and honest about all the happenings behind the perceived flawlessness of my life.

The truth is, I am kinda okay. I am as okay as one can be in times like this. Being home was hard, but it was also good. I stayed off social media ENTIRELY (except that one time I stole my sisters phone and peeked on my Instagram). I will say, if you have never done a clean break...do it!

I spent time with my daddy, and my mummy and my siblings and surrounded myself with my closest friends. We had honest conversations about life...the craziness that it is, and the joy and unbreakable bond that is family. 

When I got on the plane to come home yesterday, I said a few words to myself.

"Lets live now darling"

So that is just what we are about to do.

I truly adore all of you, kinda on the level which I adore red velvet cake, and caramel, and selfies and traveling, and living. Yes I love y'all that much. 

While home, I met so many of you (yes it is still super weird when you guys tell me that you read my blog everyday). And this is me being mushy for a second and saying thank you, and hello. I read all your messages, and your notes and all the photos you send. And y'all legit make me happy :-)

So let us all take a moment and do this life thing. Stop worrying about how you look, how much money you have, or who likes you and who doesn't. Trust me that shit doesn't matter in the end. TRUST ME.

Take that trip, kiss that boy, tell that person you are secretly in love with them, buy that house, write that book, leave that person who you have been waiting on to change, start that business, buy those damn shoes, make that move.

Let life scare you a little bit, because when it does, you will actually learn to live fearlessly.

PS- I spent the last few weeks listening to the song "Start" - by John Legend. It literally inspired this post! 

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