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Hayet Rida6 Comments

One of my biggest mistakes I ever made in life, was learning to dress to the satisfaction, comfort, and liking of others. This won’t make sense without the background story.

So let’s go back to my college years, specifically to one of my first freshman barbeques.

Now if you know anything about being in College…that entire time is a cluster-fuck of finding yourself, understanding your boundaries and basically understanding how to live in the skin that will unfortunately always be yours.

That day I wore a navy-blue top, with a matching nautical bikini inside, all paired with a pair of jeans...and slippers (but we won't discuss the slippers today....that needs its own post)

(For your viewing pleasure, I found the actual photo)

Listen, you couldn’t tell me jack crap about how I looked. I walked out of my dorm knowing very well that my boobs were out a little more than usual…but to me, that was the look I wanted and that was what I was going to wear. (DO YOU SEE MY CAREFREE DANCE BY MYSELF IN THAT SHOT)

Of course you know this story didn’t end well. I was greeted by very disapproving stares, and the occasional person coming to me to pull up my top because my chest was out.

That was one of the moments when I started to lose the ability to dress how I wanted to. Moving forward, I started to dress with a dress code in mind. I started to do this little thing where I would imagine what everyone else would wear and make sure that my look fit into the bounds of what was socially acceptable.

Now I look back, and I realize that I made myself uncomfortable just to make others feel comfortable by my presence. And unfortunately, as a result I suppressed the unapologetic part of me that was only budding.

Today, I wear whatever the hell I want, and try not to think twice.

To be honest, I still have this little birdie that sits on my shoulder and tells me that I am a tad bit overdressed to every single occasion. So here are a few things I do to prevent this, as told by the outfit I wore to my company’s recent holiday party.


If the outfit came to mind…then you already want to wear it, so wear it.


I refrain from asking others what they are wearing to an event, plainly because I don’t want to prevent myself from dressing, for fear of overdressing.


I don’t tell people what I am going to wear to events, because I don’t want to see their reaction when I tell them that I am showing up decked out in fur!


When I walk into an event dressed like my mother owns the world, and people ask me why I am so dressed up…I ask them if they missed the “wear WHAT YOU WANT” dress code


Your ability to wear what you want is secretly inspiring the same people that try and tell you how to dress. Consider your purpose in life as one to empower others to not give a crap.




Hayet (and her boobs that have permission to say hello as and when they please)

Style notes:

I am wearing a size 14 in the dress. It had tons of room for my tummy and the straps didn't break....which was the biggest surprise ever. The thing with Asos is that the dress will probably be soldout by the time you click, but have no fear...it WILL come back in stock, and there are others I have listed below.

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