A Saturday well Spent...

One of the most amazing things I have learned these past few weeks is the power of friends to help lift you up when you need them the most. To be honest, the right kinds of friends become your second family, and you need to always celebrate them. 

If you caught up with my snapchat (@hayet.rida) this weekend, you will see the true challenge of juggling friendships with a crazy life and blog schedule. :-) On Saturday I got to spend part of the day celebrating the upcoming nuptials of my darling friend Meredith. She was one of my first friends when I came to Chicago, and we have always shared a special bond (I tried to get her parents to adopt me this one time). 

This was my first ever bridal shower, and I must say the bar has been set SUPER high!!!! I chose to wear a really cute lace dress from Asos. I loved the dress because I was fully covered, but it was ultra chic to match the amazing event!!!! Have a look below at some shots from the shower as well as the dress I wore!

I own this dress in two sizes. I honestly fit a size 16, however in the size 16 my left arm is super tight while the right arm is out her chilling in luxury lace (see, no one is perfect). I chose to get the size 18 just so both my arms could be free. To be honest the dress isn't so bad a little loose anyway. 
This dress was out of stock for the longest time, so get it while it lasts.


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