An Ode To Confidence

I am coming into my own skin again. Every now and then I like to dress up like I am royalty. There is something so amazing about putting on an outfit and knowing very well that you are looking like a royal swan straight out of the Ashanti kingdom.

This was one of those looks, where I look back at the photos and realize how beautiful I have become. Not just physical beauty, that I have always been..but the way I see the love I have for myself shine though everything I do. 

This outfit scared me at first. It was white, it was wide leg, and it was fitting around my tummy. But I honestly had to remind myself that those things have only bothered me because of rules that other people have imposed on people who look like me.

I don't really know how I got to this mental space, and one day I will right a book about it. But for now I will just leave you with one of my favorite looks that really sums up how I feel about myself.



Style Notes
I am wearing a straight sized 14 in this. It fits just fine but has absolutely no stretch. I chose to put a belt on it to really cinch in the waist and add a bit of dimension. This just got released in plus sizing as well, so I have included that below. Happy shopping my darlings.
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