An opportunity exists to join Hayet Rida as her personal assistant. This role is part-time and there is huge potential for growth within the company. You will work hand in hand with Hayet to effectively manage behind the scenes activities for her blog and other business ventures.

This is a junior/mid-level position suited to someone who is or would like to be an editorial assistant.

As Hayet’s personal assistant, your responsibilities will be location-based and virtual, and availability on weekends and weekdays is required. Some early mornings and late nights are to be expected, so we require that you live in Chicago.

Key Performance Areas

  • Administration

  • Content Creation

  • Logistics

  • Personal assistance


  • Keep track of important dates and milestones in Hayet’s calendar using iCalendar and Google Calendar.

  • Work with operations manager weekly to ensure that Hayet delivers tasks in order of importance.

  • Have a clear overview of operations at all times and provide support to relevant stakeholders in the event of emergencies.

  • Keep track of miscellaneous expenses and petty cash.

  • Create regular backups of Hayet’s computers, phones and websites using hard drive storage and cloud storage.

  • Make sure that digital documents are conveniently stored and accessible. This includes creating or finishing any documents on Google Docs or Google Spreadsheets.

  • Ship products for Hayet’s business, Rida Collective.

  • Manage inventory using the tools provided and communicate in advance when inventory is low or other issues arise.  

  • Update  customer service representative in the event of delays or other issues.  

  • Assist customer service representative by providing feedback on customer queries.

Content Creation

  • Read and understand creative briefs quickly.

  • Extract creative requirements from briefs provided to Hayet Rida and in turn, create smaller briefs that we will use internally to brief our creative teams.

  • Brainstorm content ideas based on creative briefs and prepare creative pitch decks for client approval.

  • Shoot behind the scenes content using an iPhone. This content is mainly for Instagram stories.

  • Experience using a DSLR camera is advantageous as you may be required to shoot blog photos or in-feed social media photos from time to time.

  • Basic writing skills are advantageous as writing opportunities may pop up from time to time.

  • Source affiliate links for blog posts and social media.

  • Upload blog content to Squarespace.


  • Where necessary, coordinate vehicle rental process (place rental requests, arrange pick up and drop offs) without Hayet’s assistance.

  • Drive rental vehicles as and when required, Hayet does not drive.

  • Manage incoming and outgoing packages, this includes completing returns on or after shoot days.

  • Request availability and rates from photographers and videographers as needed. (Manage weekly photographer schedules to be able to secure shoots dates)

  • Scout for venues and props which match creative briefs. inquire about cost to company and make purchases as needed using company credit card.

  • Make any special requests and obtain relevant permissions for shooting in particular locations.

  • Send reminders to all role players one week, three days and one day before the shoot.

  • Create a list of technical requirements for each shoot and ensure that the relevant equipment/facilities are available before the shoot.

  • Prepare shot lists for each shoot. Ensure that shot lists are aligned with creative briefs and the required content deliverables.

  • Prepare garments, hair and makeup as required. Start this process at 2 - 3 days before the shoot. This includes steaming, packing, flat ironing etc.

  • Arrive early on shoot days to do last minute preparations and transport clothes, props and other items to the shoot venue and back.

  • Create the best possible set up/environment at shoot venue so that clothes, props and other items are safe and easily accessible based on the shot list.

  • Provide assistance to Hayet and photographer/videographer as needed during the shoot.

Personal Assistance

  • Run errands and handle admin items for Hayet that aren’t blog related.

  • Book personal appointments while keeping in mind professional commitments.

  • Handle travel coordination - book flights, confirm drivers, coordinate pickups.

  • Handle outfit selection for trips and coordinate any special items.

  • Manage personal calendar as needed.

Job Requirements

This position must be filled immediately with minimal on the job training, as such, prior experience as an assistant is mandatory.

As Hayet’s personal assistant, you will be given the freedom to manage your role and tasks. You will be a trusted and respected member of the team, so it is important that you work well on your own and take charge of your areas of influence. If you are a self-starter with a solutions-oriented approach to challenges which arise in the work environment, then this is the role for you!

At Rida Unlimited LLC (that’s the mothership under which all Hayet’s businesses are held) , we believe in creating a healthy and fun work environment.However, due to the nature of the social media and influencer marketing industries, you must be able to work under pressure with very little guidance. Deadlines are sometimes tight, and/or last minute, and in these instances our entire team bands together to get the job done - Hayet will expect the same from you.

Other competencies:

  • Your email etiquette is extremely important in this role. You are expected to communicate with Hayet, the team and brands in a respectable, polite and enthusiastic manner at all times.

  • You must be organized and pay attention to detail. You will use paper goods and digital tools to maintain order and minimize overwhelm. This includes but is not limited to creating and managing timelines.

  • Being social media savvy is an unwritten rule of this job. You don’t need to be the next big thing, but having knowledge of the platforms Hayet uses will make your job easier and minimize the research/upskilling you will have to do in your personal time.


Please submit the following to Ashleigh Easthorpe at

  • Updated resume with relevant skills and experience

  • cover letter explaining why you want to be hayet’s personal assistant - also tell us about yourself, and your goals for the future

  • Minimum of two references with contact information

  • Any samples of work that you believe are relevant to this role

  • Links to your social media profiles (so we can get to know you!)

  • Your expected hourly rate

  • Your location

  • Your mode of transport