My Morning Beauty Routine (2016)

So...yes...this happened! I have a beauty section now! Many of you have seen me share some of my favorite beauty routines on my snapchat. (hayet.rida). And I wanted to have a destination where you can find all the products I use, without having to screenshot and do your own searches!!!

So here is the disclaimer! I am not a professional, neither am I a super fantastic makeup blogger ( I still can't even use eyeliner). I am a normal girl (who happens to be a blogger), literally maneuvering the world of beauty products. 

What that means is that I will share what I use, what I try and give my HONEST opinion about these products. All the tutorials will live on my snapchat, and the product lives here Maybe one day I will learn to use the film function on my fancy camera and actually make a video. 

So here goes!

My Workday Skin Routine

Because I actually have a weekend skin routine and a mid-week one and a pre-weekend one. Skincare is something I may be a bit too obsessed with, but this is a judgement free zone!!! So my pre-makeup routine is very simple. 

Take a look at my four easy steps that I use. (to shop a specific product click on the image)

Looking forward to bringing you along on this leg of the journey!