Under Construction

You may come here to see pretty pictures,

and for that mission you have come to the right place.

But if you come here to awe at the image of perfection,

Know that I am always under construction

Because I fear the search for perfection,


I am always under construction.

Because I have never known perfection.

And for forever I never knew truth.

But my mistakes have built my foundation.

And my pain has amplified my voice.


I am always under construction.

Because the world within reach is being built above me,

A departure from the days they crumbled around me.

My stance is on the cusp of perfection, while nestled in the beauty of destruction.


I am always under construction.

Because you think my success is built because of you.

So you drown me with words punctuated by your guilt.

Words that almost silenced my new found voice.

So here you go. This part is about you.

Nothing but these few words.

But at least it’s better than the nothing you got from me before.


I am always under construction,

So trust me when I say,

If one day my words make you uncomfortable, or my story gets too old.

I trust that you may continue to come here to see the pretty pictures that form the blueprint to my imperfection.


I am always under construction,

Because I was built to break,

Without the fear of being broken.

Blogger collaboration: Natasha Nyanin

Photography : Dennis Elliot

Makeup: Angela Grizzard Patten

Hair: Christopher Harris


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