For The Love of Pride

I am an African girl, born and bred on the African continent. To be honest,  I was never exposed to the concept of loving someone of the same sex, or the fact that it was even possible, until I was about 16. Thankfully, moving to America at the age of 18 introduced me to some of the most unique and amazing people that I ever met and helped me understand that just as I was foreign to many people, others were foreign to me as well. And that was okay. But what united us all was the fact that we were human underneath it all. 

This past weekend, I had the amazing opportunity for the second year in a row to take part in my company's pride parade float. Coming off of the ruling by the supreme court, I knew it was going to be the biggest rainbow party of the century. As I marched down the 4 mile path, I met some of the most amazing people. People who did not know me, or cared who I was, or the fact that a girl who looked like an orange had tripped and fallen into it's own orange juice was taking photos of them. And that was the unspoken beauty of the entire event - I realized that I could not tell who was part of the LGBTQ community, who was an ally or who was simply a spectator.

That in itself is why the ruling meant so much more. The event demonstrated that we are all human, and beyond what is on the outside we have something in common, something we cannot live without - a heart. Any yes the heart is kind of a big deal, it pumps blood and all that other fun stuff. But the heart was made to love, made to love anyone, everyone and whoever it so heartfully chooses.

And so as a visa-fied resident of this nation, I am proud to support the freedom to love love, again.