A note to all the BADASS women

I was riding in an uber on the way home the other night, and I was reflecting on a question someone had asked me.

How can we as women be more Inspirational to other women?

The challenge of the path I have chosen, is that I get asked this question time and time again. And for the longest time I didn’t think I could ever find an answer.

I always thought about writing a guide to learning to love yourself, but that would be impossible – Learning to love yourself is a personal journey that is built on the freedom of courage to step away from the gaze of others.

Then I thought about how to teach women to go after their dreams. But you can’t really teach that. Going after your dreams is relative. Dreams are relative. What I may dream of, may be someone’s norm or nightmare. To go after your dreams means to pre-accept pain and failure on the conditional offer that when they do arrive, you will welcome them in, and rise above towards whatever it is you define as your dream.

Then there is the million dollar question. How do you teach women to be confident? Honestly, confidence is contextual. Confidence is tricky. Confidence can be cocky. Confidence can be powerful and in your face. Confidence may be silent, but purposeful. Confidence can only be yours. Confidence can only be earned when you have the power to see only yourself, in front of yourself as a way to be yourself.

So then how do you as a woman inspire another woman?

Do we need women to inspire women? Is it our job.

IF you ask me, which I guess you did.

Being an inspirational woman is not a job, it is nothing anyone can ever pay you for. It is something that lives in everyone. It is a duty if I am being completely honest.

And how do you do it? Well the answer was never that hard when you think about it.

You just live. That is the answer.

As women, we have an undeniable power to watch, and learn and absorb and relate, and then duplicate. We do it all the time.

We have a responsibility to live our lives the way we have each imagined. When we hold ourselves up, in our own lives…by example we exude strength. That stuff is contagious.

When we see others doing, and being, and slaying and winning…there comes a light that turns on in us…a fire that starts.

And then we pass it on and on, until the whole tribe of women is winning.

So on International Women’s Day, as you may ponder how you can be a women who inspires. Remember that you are already inspirationally you. By being here and being you, and living your life the way you want…you inspire others to do just the same!

To all the women who are so unafraid to fail, and cry and fall and live. We see you, and we support you!


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