A Fashionable Weekend in New York

Can I tell you a little secret? I never used to like New York. I was actually scared of New York. All I would think about was overcrowded walkways, claustrophobic subways, and the one time when a homeless man peed on me. BUT...it is 2017, and I am giving things a new try.

This weekend, I came to NY to attend an event I was being honored at. I would usually fly out the next day to come back to my darling Chicago...but my darling friend Dee convinced me to stay for the weekend. Here is what we did.

We started off the day at the historic Brooklyn Bridge. I had seen the famous bridge in so many people's photos, but never ever been. Dee and Chinny took me there with the intention of shooting this dress...BUTTTT let me tell you, there were loads of people. I get very nervous around crowds, so I decided to just catch a few candids, and then head on over to brunch.  I would advise that if you want to get photos there, go at the crack of dawn.

After the bridge, we spent the afternoon brunching at a local Asian French fusion spot named Bo Caphe. This entire place is picture perfect, and our waiter was super hottest. Like French accent, man bun kinda hot. sigh. I wish I could take him back with me to read me bedtime stories. :-)

While there, I got the Jasmine Bubble tea, which was amazing...but not sweet enough. I also tried a raw ginger shot, which took me by shock. The best way to describe it is to imagine drinking fire. Yes. 

For lunch I got the Beef noodle salad which rested on a bed of lots of greens that were getting in the way. :)

Lastly, I walked around the gorgeous Soho just to take photos. I got the chance to meet some lovely ladies who approached me to compliment my dress, and one of them actually already followed me, which was incredibly humbling!!! I love love love getting to meet people in person. 

Overall, I actually liked how peaceful it was there. I even told Dee that I would consider giving NY a chance...in maybe twenty years...only if I could live there. Lets just say I better start saving up for my ten million dollar shoe box apartment.

Chances are you came to this post just for the dress. And if you have reached this part you deserve the dress!!! I have linked the dress below for you to get it. A couple of notes, this dress runs slightly smaller, and has absolutely no stretch at all. I am usually a 16/18 and ended up getting a size 3x...which was even a little snug at the chest area. I would advise that you look at the measurements, and do not be afraid to size up. The good news is that the dress goes up to a 6x, which is incredibly amazing.