I come up with ideas in the shower...and other random things about me.


Ever now and then, I get questions sent to me by many of my readers. Rather than answer one off, I picked a few to share with you! Enjoy!

When did you decide you wanted to start a blog?

Sometime last spring, I woke up one day and sent my friend Alicia a text message that said “I had a dream I could be a plus size blogger.” Her reply was “Do it” , and one month later I launched my blog. I don’t know what made me decide to start blogging, but I truly believe that when your gut tells you to do something you have to follow it without any questions.

How do you decide what you want to write about?

Funny enough, I come up with blog topics when I am in the shower. That is the only place where I am free of distraction. No phone, no laptop, no work. During this time I do all my thinking and I organize my emotions. That is when my best ideas come to me, and as soon as I get out the shower I make notes in my phone.

Do you blog full time? If not, how do balance both?

I actually have a very busy, full time job. I work as a brand strategist in an advertising agency (FCB Chicago). When I am not working or travelling for work, I work on the blog.  It definitely is a very hard task to balance both of them, as the blog world requires you to always be online talking to followers and brands. But the best part is that both my jobs are things that I am passionate about, and I find a way to make it work.

If you see me posting photos during the day, It means it was done over my lunch break, while I was waiting for a meeting to start, or during a bathroom break. You just have to make it happen somehow! When it comes to shoots, I shoot most of my content ahead of time on the weekends.

What advice do you have to people who want to start a blog?

I get asked this question a lot, and my only advise is that you have to just do it. Don’t ask any questions, do not even think about doubting yourself. Just tell yourself you are going to figure it out along the way…and just do it!!!

What do you do in your free time?

I actually have very little free time. When I am not working or shooting, I am face timing my sister or my nieces, it is my favorite thing to do. On other days, I will actually be dancing around in my underwear while hanging at home.

Where is your happy place?

Cape Town. My sister lives there, and when I am there I feel like it is home. In Cape Town I get to be the youngest in the family, not a blogger, or not a career woman. There is something that is so beautiful about that.

Do you believe in Love?

ABSOLUTELY!!! I don’t think humans would exist without it. While I am not in love with anyone at the moment, I know what it feels like. I have three nieces and one nephew and every time I get to speak to them, that feeling where you would do anything to protect them…that is love. My family makes me believe in love, time and time again.

Thank you to everyone who continually submits questions!! I always have a laugh while I am answering them.


Lets talk about the look!

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This look is perfect for work, but bold enough to hit happy hour at night.


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