Work Look 2 - Featuring Full Beauty

Work Look 2 - Featuring Full Beauty

Today I share another favorite work look. While I do not work in an industry that needs me to dress formally, I always enjoy playing with formal styles, especially boyish cuts. My trick is to bring a bit of my personality into everything I wear.

I styled this grey Violeta blazer which I received from Full Beauty. I wrote about them a while ago when I styled a black blazer. I love how much versatility I get from the items on their page, and I cannot wait to style some dresses from them this spring.

I loved this blazer because it had some structure in it, but it is actually stretch and almost cardigan like. This allows me to throw it over my shoulder, or wear it. I paired the look with a simple white swing shirt from Asos Curve, and navy blue pants from Carma Koma. The pants feel like butter, and are so easy to dress down or up. ( A little secret, I have also worn them to bed and I plan on doing so again)

Lastly, you all know I am a sucker for shoes. While I love these taupe Jcrew heels, I only wear heels for client meetings. Any other day, you will see me in flats. I fell in love with these Jcrew loafers because lets be honest, anything with a bold print is a win for me!!!

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