Smash the Norm - Featuring Talbots Curvy

A lot of what has been going on in my blog life and real life has been all about pushing the boundaries of what is considered the norm. One of my new mantras is “Shatter the Norm”. There is something so beautiful about taking pieces of the world and putting it together in a way that best defines who you are, and what you believe in.

Having embraced this new way of thinking, I decided to really incorporate it more into the looks I put together. When I previewed the new collection from Talbots, I absolutely fell in love with the elements it presented. I loved the concept of putting different prints together. While I will admit I was a little worried about the combination when I first ordered it, the look came out great!

One tip that I have learned is that when you are putting two contrasting prints together, you definitely need to have your anchor. Since I was going with a nautical look, my anchor was a nice bold red tone. The bag I chose literally feels like melting butter, and the shoes feel like I am barefoot. I know, I know… I am always in high heels, but this look felt like the kind I would want to be able to walk a mile in, so I went with kitten heels.

To top it all off, I added a set of pearl bracelets to create a chic look, that added a little sass to my arm.

I will say, I never knew that Talbots had such a great selection of curvy clothing with very flattering cuts (no tent dresses here). Shop the look below and make sure to check out their new collection that has fun prints and bold patriotic colors.