The Power of Color

You know what is actually really funny? I tried to find a cute quote about the power of wearing color...but apparently all the fashion quotes are about wearing all black. ummmm ok.

Well this post is going to blind you. Not only with color, but with my embracing of pure unfiltered, joy with everyday things. Colorful clothes do that to me. They make me feel like a rainbow, a cute little curvy Chicago rainbow.

I don't care what season it is, I will wear color, and I will match all my colors (because my mother is Ashanti), and I will match them from head to toe. 

Here is to brightly colored clothing! May we own them, may we rock them, and may we never mix them with whites when we do laundry!



Style Notes:
I am wearing a size 14 in the trench coat, as you can see there is room left in the arms. 
I am wearing a 16 in both the top and the skirt as well.
Shoes are probably soldout so I added a few options below.