Trying Wide Leg Pants

Hi my name is Hayet Rida, and I only wear skinny jeans, or pants. 

I have spent a lot of time researching how to really push my style forward, and wide leg pants have been one of those things I avoided. I recently took the dive and purchased a pair for myself, and lets just say a week later I had them in two other colors.

I got this pair from Rue107, and I am wearing a size 2x in them. These are great for tall women, as they practically drag on the floor (even when I am in heels). :-)

The only key thing here with wide leg pants, is that the beauty of the pants really come out when you wear a more fitted top. I am not a fan of fitted tops so I put on a puff sleeve Jacket from asos to add a bit of chicness to it.

Have a look below!