Style Lessons From My Mama

There is absolutely no doubt that myself and my sister's love for style was greatly influenced by my mother. At a very young age I used to play in her closets, watch her do makeup and help her put outfits together. She taught us that style is always the first impression, and on several days gave me the "don't think you are leaving the house looking like that" talk. 

One of my favorite things she always did was mix and match outfits. I remember once seeing her in a shirt that she had turned into a dress and remember saying to her "Mummy didn't you wear that yesterday"...while she may not have been so pleased with my bluntness...she was in her own way teaching me how to mix and match to make outfits work more for you.

To help celebrate mother's day, I wanted to show my mum some style lessons I learned from her, and so I put together this outfit from the New York and Company Mother's day Gift Guide. (Have a look below)

I wanted to keep the jumpsuit very simple, as the print itself is bold. I paired it with clean sandals and hidden earrings to give it personality. I loved that this could be worn to work, a wedding or simply with flats for a beach day...and only cost me $37!!!!! I was extremely shocked to find great pieces at reasonable prices as NY& Company was a store I overlooked in the past. They not only had styles that worked for day time, night time but also for work looks in sizes up to XXL.

To make the look work harder, I added an amazing hi-low shirt with a banded belt, which turned the jumpsuit into wide leg pants. This makes it super easy to transition into a work look. and the shirt can also be worn over shorts or a skirt to create an even more casual look.

I went ahead to put some style notes at the end, for those of you who would be worried about what size to buy. And while you are shopping the amazing deals, you can even grab something for your mum from their Mothers Day Gift Guide HERE


Jumpsuit -I am wearing a size XL and my usual size is 14/16. Note that there is a stretch waistband and stretch shoulders. This runs a bit big so I could have sized down.

Shirt - I am wearing an xxl. It fits perfectly but I was worried about the tightness around my boobs. Rather than change size, I suggest wearing a less padded bra.

Belt - I am wearing a 14/16. The belt has stretch so don't be afraid to give it a try.

Here are some other items I grabbed from the NY&Company Mother's Day GiftGuide

A big thank you to New York and Company for partnering with me on this post!