The Truth About The Side Hustle

Chances are you are reading this on your way home. You probably had a long day at the work, the kind that makes you want to quit and become one of those house wives that goes to Yoga at 10 and brunch with the ladies at noon. Chances are you will bounce between that thought and the one you have hidden at the back of your head about quitting your job to become a full time entrepreneur. You have this passion, maybe its being a baker, speaker, writer, designer, blogger, florist…but that takes money and you need to work to have money, and you are tired anyway in this very moment so you cannot even imagine working two jobs.

Chances are you watch my Instagram daily and you see me flawlessly executing both and then you think to yourself if Hayet can do it so can I…but then chances are you wonder well how in the world does she do it…and then you ask me and then I leave you on read (probably because I am busy second shifting).

Chances are you hope I will one day give you tips about balancing both….

Chances are…you are right!

Lets go!



I won’t even lie to you, I have tried to double hustle for years. I wanted to be a chef, a graphic designer, a speaker all of that before I became the Hayet you know today. I always found that overtime I told people that I wanted to do both, they told me that I wouldn’t be able to. They helped me list a long scroll of reasons why it was impossible and that always stuck with me.

When I started this blog I told myself it was possible from day 1!!! There was no room for I can’t. In all honesty to build this brand to where it is today I had to give up a social life, work late nights and put relationships on hold…but look at me now. Dont be afraid to tell your friends you can’t party tonight because you need to research your business plan, or build your website, real friends will understand…and hey you can either stay in the club or one day own the club. Just saying!



This is going to sound really harsh but if you aren’t doing things for the real reasons you will never be able to sustain it. Picture this, you go to the club and wear the highest heels to impress a boy but you realize that you can’t stand in them for more than 10 minutes…and its 8pm and you know he doesn’t even get there till 10pm. By the time he gets there you are barefoot and in tears from pain and you fail.

That was a weird story but you get the point. You cannot go into something without a valuable purpose. You cannot become a blogger just to make money, you cannot become a chef to win awards, you cannot become a model just to marry a rapper. What you can do is become a blogger to inspire women like you, become a chef to pay homage to your culture, and become a model to break barriers. Why this is so important is that when it gets hard and you keep getting doors slammed in your face you can rely on your true purpose.

Fun fact I didn’t make money until 2 years into being a blogger…imagine if I did it just for money…I would have given up at month 3.



Did you know my first blog outfit was an old white dress that I had since college? Did you know that my first blog photos were taken on a phone? Did you know I built my first blog site in 30 minutes after watching youtube videos? A lot of times we stop our dreams because we don’t think we have the tools and that is your biggest mistake. You do not need money to start your dream!!! All you need is hustle!!! If you are a baker mix your first cake in Tupperware, if you want to be a model learn to take your own photos or teach your boyfriend, if you are a singer just start recording yourself on your janky iPhone 5 (its your voice that matters).

Fall back on your purpose and work with what you have.


This post in itself is a testament to purpose and hard work. When I first came to the US my sister took me to Lane Bryant and to be honest it was the first time I had EVER seen curvy women in posters, working in stores, looking cute and being confident. What I didn’t realize was that these were the seeds that were growing my purpose. I have been loyal to them for over 15 years and even as a blogger it was always a dream to work with them. Getting to work with them on this post to show off their amazing work looks is a deep reminder about being loyal and building relationships. Till today 70% of my bras and undies are from there, all my sports bras are from them and a lot of my high quality work pieces have their tag in them!!!

I have linked this amazing look below. The fabric is super stretch and makes it entirely comfortable so I can’t wait for you to get your hands on them!!!

This post is sponsored by Lane Bryant

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